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Are You Ready to Have Protection + Peace of Mind?

If you are, then Wilson + Miller in Little Rock can help. Our clients tell us that they want to save taxes, make things easy and inexpensive for their family, and minimize the risk of family arguments.

Individuals come to us because they have the uncomfortable feeling that their house is not in order. They often feel like things would be a total mess if something unexpected happened to them now. Typically, they want to make sure that they avoid:

  • Probate court
  • Estate and capital gains taxes
  • The cost of nursing home care
  • Divorce and lawsuits
  • Losing assets if a spouse remarries
  • Hard-earned assets being wasted by immature heirs

Wilson + Miller Solutions

Our legal team has an unmatched depth of training and experience. We know how to protect you and the people that matter to you from all this and more.

We know that most estate planning doesn’t work when it’s actually tested, and we understand why it doesn’t. After years of watching plans not work, we developed a unique, Three Step Process that is proven to work. Our process will give you the protection and peace of mind you want.

Our first job is to get to know you and build a relationship with you so we know what is important to you. When we know the risks that keep you awake at night, we can then design and implement a set of customized planning solutions that fit those risks. These solutions are time-tested and proven to work. At Wilson + Miller, we strive to provide protection and peace of mind. For that purpose, our solutions usually will include:

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