Worries About the Future Keeping You Up at Night? [A Useful Solution]

Bestselling author, David Allen, argues that our brains, like computers, have a finite amount of RAM (Random Access Memory). Although this conscious storage is limited, our unconscious mind still knows something needs doing.

As Allen writes in his book, Getting Things Done:

As soon as you tell yourself that you need to do something, and store it in your RAM, there’s a part of you that thinks you should be doing that something all the time. Everything you’ve told yourself you ought to do, it thinks you should be doing right now. This produces an all-pervasive stress factor whose source can’t be pin-pointed.

A Key to Reducing Fear and Anxiety about the Future


Assuming Allen’s theories are close to the mark, your worries about the future are likely tied up with unfinished business. You’ve made commitments to yourself that never got done.

For instance, maybe you and your husband promised to finally get your estate planning in order, especially now that you have two small children,  but life got in the way. The paperwork is still in your email inbox. Or maybe you have a vague sense that your parents’ retirement and Medicaid planning is way out of date, or possibly even non-existent—and that their lack of preparation is going to boomerang on you in the next 5-10 years.

Unless you consciously clarify, process, organize and take action on those “open loops,” you can’t relax fully. Some part of your brain will nag at you—we haven’t done the trust yet or mom’s house is a mess—and it will be hard to be at your creative best.

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