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Will Planning

A Will Plan Includes More Than A Will

A Last Will & Testament is the traditional estate planning tool. They have become less popular in recent years as people became more aware of the benefits of living trust planning. At Wilson + Miller in Little Rock, we view will planning as entry-level, basic planning for younger clients or clients with limited means. A will does not avoid the probate process for the assets that pass under the will, but a properly drafted will can answer other important questions. It is clearly better to have a will than to die intestate. The attorneys in our Little Rock based law firm can help you develop your will-based plan should include all of the following:

  • A Will
    • To nominate guardians for minor children
    • To provide for disposition of property upon death
  • A general durable power of attorney to authorize others to manage your property in the event of your incapacity
  • A health care power of attorney to authorize others you choose to make health care decisions for you
  • A properly executed HIPAA form — otherwise medical doctors will refuse to talk to your family members
  • A living will expressing your desires for end of life decisions
  • A memorandum providing for the disposition of tangible personal property

Other Things You Can Do In A Will

Many clients include language in their wills that accomplish these objectives:

  • Protect Property in the event your spouse remarries
  • Provide divorce, lawsuit and immaturity protection for your heirs by creating testamentary trusts
  • Make special provisions for heirloom property to pass on family traditions, faith and values

We will always listen first. We make recommendations only after we clearly understand your unique situation. We are known for our ability to communicate ideas and strategies using straightforward language and graphical tools that allow clients to develop a real understanding of their planning choices.

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