Lidya Nance



Best advice I ever got: Do for others from your heart and never expect anything in return.

First concert attended: Dixie Chicks

My last meal would be: Double Cheeseburger with extra pickles, mustard, and onion with a side of fries.

My favorite live action sporting event is: Horse Racing

Three people at my dream dinner would be: Sitting Bull, Frida Kahlo, and Harriet Tubman

Lidya Nance is the Legacy Director here at Wilson + Miller, she manages our client maintenance program and coordinates our client outreach, such as blogs, workshops and updates to what is going on in the firm.

Lidya worked for Gap Inc. for 10 years, she learned customer service, business acumen, marketing, and merchandising. Lidya was solely a homemaker for 3 years; she learned patience, and multi-tasking. Right before coming to us, she was an office manager for a small CPA firm for 3 years; she picked up some tax knowledge as well as experience with several tax software’s.

Lidya is a happily married mother of two children, and loves to get out and run, she has ran over 15 full marathons, and over 40 half marathons. On top of working full time here, Lidya volunteers with WRA, a free running clinic, W.O.W, a non-profit for battered women, and is a Key spouse for her spouse’s air-force squadron.