Don’t take our word for it. Here is what our advisors have to say about their experience working with Stan Miller and the team at Wilson+Miller

Our Financial Services Firm has worked with Estate Planning clients for nearly 17 years which mandates
our partnering with Estate attorneys. Our attorney relationships were inconsistent at best until 2012
when we had the opportunity to meet and work with Stan Miller and his team. Partnering with Stan
and his team has elevated our firm’s Estate business and offers our clients years of estate planning
expertise, and more importantly, passion for our client’s situation. Stan and his team take a professional
and personal approach with respect to our client’s individual circumstances and concerns and how these
issues could ultimately affect their families. Our clients have total satisfaction knowing that Stan and his
team’s recommendations are “exclusive” to their personal situation as opposed to a “one size fits all”
approach. Stan and his team have “completed” our firms resume with respect to Estate Planning

Darren Ford
Allstate Financial Services, LLC

Most clients only get one chance to go through the estate planning process. That said, when they sit down with someone to craft a plan, it NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT – THE FIRST TIME. Without exception, my & my clients expectations have been met when working with Stan.

Brennan McCutchen

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