Four Reasons to Create a Standalone Retirement Trust Today

If you have a will or an IRA, you already know the importance of estate planning. Unfortunately, even the most carefully prepared estate plans can be turned upside down when creditors come knocking at your door. While your retirement accounts may feature asset protection benefits now, inherited retirement accounts don’t come with the same security. However much preparation and estate planning you do, your retirement account may be at risk after you pass.

Thankfully, there are tools at your disposal to protect your assets and ensure your retirement account is safe from creditors. A standalone retirement trust, also known as an SRT, is a great solution for anyone hoping to protect their estate. Here are just a handful of reasons to create your SRT today:

SRTs Keep Your Wealth in the Family

When creditors are lurking around every corner, your family will be grateful that you created an SRT. Even if you and your loved ones don’t have outstanding credit card debt to worry about, creditors can arise when there’s been a car accident, a bankruptcy or a medical crisis. By creating an SRT, you’ll guarantee that your IRA remains in the family – not in the pockets of their creditors.

SRTs Protect the Longevity of Your IRA

You’ve worked hard for your money. Use an SRT to prevent your beneficiaries from blowing through your IRA too quickly. If you’ve got family members who are especially prone to shopping sprees, luxury vacations or gambling, you’ll want to have an SRT in place to protect your wealth. Not everyone makes good choices with money, and an SRT can help ensure your IRA is managed responsibly after you’re gone.

SRTs Keep Beneficiaries Safe

Not every person is necessarily capable of managing their inheritance. In some cases, beneficiaries may even have special needs that prevent them from making their own financial and legal decisions. An SRT can provide specific instructions for such situations, ensuring that the best interests of your loved ones are always prioritized.

SRTs Offer a Tax-Free Way to Grow Your Wealth

When IRAs are transferred to your beneficiaries, the assets are subject to taxes. This removes the primary growth benefit of your retirement account. By creating an SRT, you ensure that the tax deferral benefits associated with your IRA are transferred to your beneficiaries.

Anyone who has a retirement account can benefit from creating an SRT. Such a trust can play a foundational role in your estate plan, protecting your wealth and preventing mismanagement on the behalf of your beneficiaries. Call us today, 501-221-7776.


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