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Why We’re The Perfect Fit For You

Many financial advisors regard us as their indispensable partner. Why? We have a unique way of working with advisors that powerfully reinforces the advisor’s relationship with their client or prospective client. Our process creates four potential outcomes for the advisor:

  1. A deeper, more bonded relationship with the client or prospective client
  2. More assets under management and the placement of additional financial products
  3. Preservation of your book of business over generations
  4. Expanded list of new referrals

Our Core Premise

Clients want and deserve to hear a consistent message from the professionals they hire to help them. And advisors want to know that the client’s estate planning lawyer is not going to stray outside his competence and provide financial advice that conflicts with and undermines the recommendations the advisor has worked hard to develop.

Video Message from Stan Miller

If you want to know more about how we can work with you to help support and build your practice, watch this brief video message from Stan.

Offer for Advisors: Free Copy of Your American Legacy

Stan Miller’s book, Your American Legacy, is a powerful tool in growing your practice.

Your legacy is more than money and property. In this book you’ll discover powerful strategies to leave future generations the legacy to build a successful life, including: family stories and traditions, heirlooms, life lessons, and your own experiences. This book is the vision of a community of individuals who desire to preserve and pass on their legacy, fusing financial, legal, and legacy planning into a movement of positive cultural transformation.

Podcast Interview: Delivering Powerful Client Focused Solutions

Stan Miller has represented thousands of individuals and families in his estate planning career which has spanned over thirty years. He has also coached hundreds of estate planning attorneys in the techniques and strategies that empower them to deliver client-focused solutions in an understandable way.

Stan believes that estate planners can bring wisdom and insight to the estate planning process and can fundamentally change the trajectory of the family for generations to come.

We want to partner with you, and we think you’ll find that partnering with us will be very valuable to your practice.

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Download the Arkansas Living Trust Book

A living trust is a powerful document that provides the most protection and control over your estate and how it will be distributed. Our living trust guide will walk you through the process and provide detailed information to help you make an informed decision.

Download The Arkansas Living Trust Book

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