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We help our clients protect their financial and non-financial wealth.

At Wilson + Miller, protecting clients and their families is what we do. Currently, most people would not be affected by estate taxes. So in many cases, it’s some of the other life challenges that we can address. Our Little Rock based attorneys have over 90 years of combined experience helping our clients protect what they have built and saved for themselves — and protecting it for generations to come. For almost every client, that means:


  • Protecting what you have for yourself during your lifetime, including:
    • Protection from potential legal judgments
    • The management of your property if you become incapacitated by persons you choose without a court supervised guardianship.
    • Insuring that your health care decisions are made by the persons you choose.
  • Protecting what you have from the cost of nursing home care
  • Passing what you have to the people and charities you care about when you are gone
  • Protecting the inheritance you leave your spouse and your heirs from divorce, lawsuits, and lack of financial skill or youthful immaturity
  • Reducing the inconvenience, cost and expense of the transition

What Risks Worry You?

Each estate plan we create is designed to protect our client from the risks that threaten them. Those risks are not the same for each client or family. We have developed a risk-analysis tool to help you assess the risks that matter to you.


The most common risks our clients identify are:

We Have Solutions.

There are powerful and effective solutions that can reduce or eliminate each of the risks that keep you awake at night. There are more than fifty legal tools and strategies in our solutions arsenal, such as the Revocable Living Trust, that we commonly use to help clients get the protection they want:


After we get to know you and come to understand the risks that are specifically concerning you, our skilled attorneys — using some combination of those solutions above — can help you put a plan in place that will give you the protection and peace of mind you want. Because every client is unique, every plan we implement is unique. Our Three Step Process is specifically designed to uncover authentic concerns and then address them with solutions that will work for every client.

We are Serious About Our Mission.

We read our mission statement every week at our Friday morning staff meeting. This way, we remind ourselves why we are here and why we do what we do. There are three very specific commitments we make to each of our clients:

Your plan will uniquely fit you. We don't create cookie-cutter plans.
You must understand it well enough to correctly explain it to others
We must provide you with an ongoing process to monitor and maintain your plan to insure it will work when it's tested

We have developed a unique Three Step Process we follow with each client that delivers on our mission.

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